December 20, 2006

Chainless bike

Top 10 Reasons Shaft Drive Bikes Are Better:
1. Smarter Gearing
2. Less Maintenance
3. Safer
4. More Durable
5. Cleaner
6. Always in the Right Gear
7. Faster Gear Transitions
8. Easier to Transport
9. Looks Great
10. Quieter and More Consistent

Dynamic bicycles

December 17, 2006

The Green Transportation Hierarchy

Just a reminder of what the hierarchy shall be (credit: Transportation Alternatives in NYC).

December 15, 2006

New blog on transportation alternatives

If you feel there is a way out of the petroleum transportation, join me and discuss on this blog.

Topics of interest:
  • alternative energy sources (biofuels, hydrogen, nuclear...)
  • smart solutions (hybrids & plug-in hybrids...)
  • good old concepts (walk, ride a bike, take the bus...)
  • new concepts (electric transport, intelligent transport systems...)
  • technology (batteries, hybrid powertrains, fuel cells, ...)